From Manager Desk

Mahatma Gandhi said that formation of character should have priority over knowledge of alphabet. The morale education /character building/value education must be an integral part of education, as to educate a mind without morale is to create a menace to the society. Our policy makers, administrators are convinced that the power of teaching gratitude, compassion, generosity are important goals of education besides the learning of text to have balanced life skill to lead a valued based life span.

Our previous system of education in Gurukul was inextricably weaving the text based and value based education through religion but today our policy makers have adopted more secular approach of education through schools setting aside the help of religion in value education. Based on the same principle CBSE in 2005 highlighted the need of training of character and personality development and directed schools to teach life skills. CBSE developed various tools of value education through activity cards, CDs, teachers manual etc.

Decent is also contributing a lot towards achieving value based education so that our students become excellent future citizens of India.

Besides imparting value based education, we at decent build leaders not in teachers but in students as well. Decent provides proper platform to educators and students by community/individual showcase of leadership quality through various curricular activities, debates etc. Teachers become the best friends of students to pull the learning curve upward by continuous text book and emotional engagement professionally. I expect parents also to play a constructive role in our pursuit for excellence and discuss the growth of students in PTM for improvement, Though, schools have time bound text based education through out the year and show the results in numbers at the end but the CCE pattern is also being used to upgrade and appraise the skills of students. Parents should not lose heart if his ward is not performing excellent in text based learning but may have other hidden talent which requires nurturing. Decent provides a mixture of text based and other life skill development through its balanced schooling so that the student is able to face the realities of life.

In the end I request for the cooperation of all educators, students and parents to help us in imparting a good mixture of text and value based education in our school.

With warm Regards

CA.Basant Gupta