Welcome to Decent Public School, Rohini

The broad aim of DECENT is to adopt learning techniques and methods to the hidden potentials of the children and channelize the same for all round personality development. The DECENT provides education with a difference which conforms to acceptable and proper teaching systems. It is a system for helping the children in learning the world around them while playing the games in a free and homely atmosphere. They learn even while being away from parents. We are providing the opportunities to our students to experiment, listen, interact, feel, touch, smell, understand and observe the things around them without any fear and burden. We help the children in becoming self dependent and enhance their self confidence level. DECENT houses the children in very neat, clean and safe school building. The class rooms are bright, colorful, well decorated and arranged with child sized furniture convenient for children. The school rooms are cool, spacious and equipped with play-way and effective teaching aids. Montessori Students put in small groups on the low height conference table for better learning. We perform different activities to stimulate child’s talent, to awake his potentials, and to nourish his Creativity, Curiosity and intellectual growth. 

Learning by books and Learning by experience are two different processes. We strive to combine the best of both the methods of learning. To make teaching learning process more purposeful teachers prepare activity sheets for the children.

We encourage, stimulate children by bringing real world to their classroom as it is an ideal beginning of the life long process of learning. The Children are allowed to learn according to individual needs and for this roll strength of the class is kept to the minimum. An introduction of 3R’s Reading, Writing and Arithmetic is made. Reading and writing provides pleasure to them and Arithmetic makes their mind sharp.